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The Dylan Band perform Positively 4th Street at the legendary London Troubadour - for more videos, click the 'MUSIC' tab

The Dylan Band was formerly called
The Bob Dylan Experience.

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The Dylan Band play the songs that have made Bob Dylan a musical icon and inspired generations of fans and musicians alike. 

We play an electric full band set or an 'unplugged' version to suit different requirements and venues.

A few words from our friends...


"You guys were brilliant last night. Please come back soon"


"That was outstanding."


                    "What a brilliant show last night. No finer tribute to Bob than playing his wonderful songs live and kicking .....This Band's On Fire..."


  "This is great live music."


"Very much provides the Dylan sound, particularly from 1965 on."


"It's wonderful to hear Bob's magnificent songs played with such affection and panache."



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